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5 Apps To Help You Save Money on Business Travel

It is said that a penny saved is a penny earned. And who would understand this old adage better than a businessman who’s just floated his very first startup. The early days of business call for the prudent use of money and cost cutting on every front. This includes costs related to business travel.

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It is said that a penny saved is a penny earned. And who would understand this old adage better than a businessman who’s just floated his very first startup? The early days of business call for the prudent use of money and cost-cutting on every front. This includes costs related to business travel.

Technology like smartphones and tabs enable people who are constantly on the go to stay abreast of the latest goings-on in the corporate world, operate remotely, control their day-to-day business operations, and track their everyday financial transactions.

When installed on their devices, several apps can help busy entrepreneurs make better decisions, even as they make their way across the world to conduct business.

It is easy to make careless, money-wasting decisions when trying to juggle your time and attention between catching flights, coordinating with office staff, navigating through an unknown site, and interacting with clients. However, thanks to the development of several money-saving apps, help is at hand.

Here are 5 cool apps that help the globetrotting entrepreneur save up.

1. Hipmunk

Platform: Android, iOS 7.0 and above
Developer: Hipmunk
Charges: Free

Do you need to meet clients in another town and don’t have much time to book your flight tickets and make hotel reservations? Hipmunk can help you here, thanks to its unmatched sporting ability. Use the app to search for flights by class of service or for hotels in specific neighborhoods.

View the colour-coded results by airline options, duration and prices of flights, or choose ‘Agony’ to view results where the combination of price, length of the flight and number of stops is calculated and presented.

A ‘heat map’ will show you the spots close to meeting locations, restaurants, shopping, and even bars and nightlife.

Hipmunk also syncs with your calendar to make it easier for you to make travel plans that fit your busy schedule.

2. TripIt

Platform: Android 2.3 and above, iOS 6.0 and above
Developer: TripIt Inc.
Charges: Free

Keep your travel plans uncomplicated by letting the TripIt app store your complete itinerary together in one place for easy accessibility. Leave it to this app if you need information related to flight schedules, hotel bookings, and meetings. What’s more? It also lets you easily organize your calendar. Talk about the ease of retrieving crucial information!

All you need to do is forward all your confirmation emails to TripIt and let it do the rest of the scheduling, freeing you up to address more pressing concerns related to your business.

3. MyCityWay

Platform: Android 2.2 and above, iOS 4.3 and above
Developer: MyCityWay
Charges: Free

This clever app gives you a lowdown on more than 30 important categories that a business traveler ought to stay abreast of when in a new city for a short visit. In other words, MyCityWay gives you complete and the most up-to-date information about the city you’re visiting. It functions as a digital guide for the goings-on in 110 cities across the world.

Whether you’re looking for local news and events, weather, dining options, public transit updates, live traffic feeds, pharmacies, movie timings, and even parking and directions to the nearest gas station, you can find it all on this app.

4. Refresh

Platform: iOS 7.0 and above
Developer: Refresh, Inc.
Charges: Free

A smart businessman will always want to do his homework before meeting a prospective client. This may include collating information related to the latter that really matters and helps you reduce (if not eliminate) the unnecessary and uncomfortable small-talk.

Refresh works by scouting the Internet and various social networking websites and extracts information from there to provide you with details about those you plan to meet during your trip. This could be data related to their interests, life’s milestones, and other important moments that may have occurred in their life before the meeting. This should help you break the ice easily and make the meeting more significant.

This app can sync with Evernote, so all the notes you make about the meeting or the client can easily be saved in one place or transferred to your computer.

5. Viber

Platform: Andriod 2.3 and above, iOS 7.0 and above, Windows 8 and above, Blackberry
Developer: Viber Media, Inc.
Charges: Free

Viber is one app with all the answers to your communication worries when away on business. If you’re always concerned about your data limit, take heart because Viber doesn’t charge you a cent to make calls or send text messages over your phone’s Internet connection. But of course, the person you’re trying to contact should be a Viber user as well.

The best thing about using this app is the ease of use and the convenience it provides, thanks to its high-quality user interface and the ability to sync directly with your phone’s contact list. It makes use of your existing contact number to enable other people to find you without giving your location away.


While there is no such thing as the perfect app, there are always efficient (and more efficient) apps. You should be able to decide what suits your needs best after using a few of them a couple of times. Download, use and compare them for yourself, and stick with the one that makes your life simpler and helps you save money.