First Job No Indication Of Future Success

successWe can all relax – first jobs are no indication of future career success. Phew! That is a relief given it’s not been that easy for graduates and school leavers to secure jobs over the last few years. First time job hunters have taken part time jobs in call centres, hospitality and retail to tide them over while they wait for job opportunities in the careers they wish to pursue.

There was a time albeit a couple of decades ago when you could kickstart your career by securing a good entry level role in a good company. Then you could ‘do the time’ and work your way up. Not so anymore.

Nowadays your first job is no indication of where you may end up later on in your career and this is truly a relief for graduates and anyone found wanting of the perfect role when they enter the job market.

Even the rich and famous have started out in jobs very far removed from they the do for a living now. Michelle Pfieffer was a cashier in a grocery store; Harrison Ford was a rookie carpenter, and George Clooney tried out for a professional baseball team and just look where they are now! Click here to check out 42 celebrities first jobs.

While you may be in a job you consider far removed from your ideal – it’s never to late to change careers and make it.

“It’s never too late to be great”
Tom Butler-Bowden

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