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5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Logo Design

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Your logo is an integral part of your business identity and should be a strong icon for your brand. As one of the most apparent marketing elements, you need to make sure it is working hard to strengthen your image in the minds of your existing and potential customers.

5 Signs Your Logo Is Not Working Well

Consider the following signs to work out if your logo is ideal or needs a redesign.

1. Does Your Logo Design Stand Out from the Crowd?

Did you hire a designer to create a unique logo for your company, or did you grab a stock icon, add your company name and sit back with a self-congratulatory beer? While your hands-on approach and financial pragmatism are commendable, the bad news is that thousands of other companies will have done the same thing with the same icon.

In a world where customers turn to search engines to find local businesses, you can’t afford to get lost in a swamp of similar logos. It’s time to spend some money on a bespoke design that will be more memorable.

2. Is Your Logo Design as out of Date as a Rotary Dial Phone?

If your logo design includes a hint of faux realism, such as a drop shadow, bevel emboss or glossy effect, it’s time to bring it into the current decade (or at least a century!) These effects were cutting edge when graphic design software was new and fancy 3D effects could be applied at the touch of a button. Now, they just make logos look outdated or amateurish.

3. Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?

What do you want people to say about your business? Is your brand built on trust, authority, a sense of fun or affordability? Your logo’s colours, design and style should complement your overall business identity. Or maybe you have broadened or narrowed your service offering, and your existing logo doesn’t accurately represent what you do. As your business evolves, you might need to consider updating your logo to keep it in line with your brand’s primary focus and tone.

4. Is Your Logo Being Crippled and Crushed?

All around the world, logos are falling victim to the bullying of various devices, displays and social media platforms.

Old or badly designed logos created primarily for print or websites viewed on a desktop screen frequently appear squashed, blurry or even lose chunks entirely when shown on smartphones or tablets, not to mention when shared on social media. You should have horizontal, square and icon versions of your logo design available in various sizes to accommodate the dimensions of the most common places across the internet where your logo may be seen.

5. Logo? What logo?

Squirming awkwardly while you read this article, knowing that you don’t have a logo to speak of? Or maybe your “logo” is nothing more than your company name in a bold font? These days, a visual logo is crucial to branding online, and an online presence is crucial to overall success. Don’t lose another customer to your lack of this basic marketing building block – contact a logo designer today and boost your business.

Final Words

There are other considerations to consider with your brand. For example,  is scalable and adaptable? Logos must work well across various mediums, from business cards to billboards and digital platforms like social media avatars. If your current logo is not easily scalable or struggles to maintain its visual appeal in different sizes and formats, it might be time for an update.

How relevant is your logo to your audience? If your target audience has shifted or evolved, your logo must continue to resonate with them. A logo that no longer appeals to your current audience might result in missed opportunities and a disconnection between your brand and its followers.

Remember, updating a logo doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul. Sometimes, subtle changes or modernization can be enough to breathe new life into your brand identity. However, suppose any of the signs above apply to your current logo. In that case, it’s worth considering a logo update to ensure your brand remains relevant and appealing in the eyes of your audience. Before making any decisions, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional graphic designer who can guide you through the process.