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Why it pays to shop around for domain names

Would you pay $37.50 USD when you can get the same domain name from GoDaddy at $9.00 USD? MelbourneIT seems to think that you do.

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I had a call centre from MelbourneIT ring me up offering to provide a deal on a domain name I owned but now letting expire.

I am letting the domain name expire because I don’t need it right at this moment but more importantly the cost of renewing the domain name with MelbourneIT far exceeds the value of it. I could transfer the domain to another registrar but I cannot be bothered with the effort.

The reason why I am writing this post is I always buy my .com’s off Godaddy because they are cheap and the admin tools are very good. I thought I would see if MelbourneIT still charges what they do for a .com – which in my opinion is quite outrageous.

When asked why it costs so much they will offer a template response about offering value to the business and a great support team or something like that. Though I struggle to understand this value when all I want is a domain name.

Anyway check out the pricing for a random domain name first via MelbourneIT then GoDaddy.

Amazing! That is in USD!! $37.50USD for 1 year – I could not see any extra benefits in paying that amount located on the page. Maybe you can?

Now at – same domain but look at the price – its in New Zealand dollars which is about 9USD at the time of writing this post.

So who would I use to register that domain name? Should I pay just under 30.00USD more and go with MelbourneIT?

No wonder MelbourneIT are ringing me up offering deals on a soon to be expired domain.

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