Security Checklist Tips for Retail

securityIf you are in the retail space you would have read about the incredible security breaches at Target and other major retail stores.

The Target breach was enormous resulting in millions and millions of customers credit card details exposed to criminals. The latest research points to poor security architecture (no segmentation of networks) that allowed hackers to install malware within the payment system of Target.

More than ever its vital for every business to employ effective security policies and checklists for making sure systems are in order.

Below are some checklist tips that should be of benefit to you focusing on Retail. I have created overall security checklists but for this post I have just provided additional retail focused ones.

Check 1: Security processes for open and closing business.
Are security tasks included into procedures for opening and closing the business?

Check 2: Inspection of exterior of business before entering.
Do employees inspect the exterior of the building for signs of a burglary or vandalism before entering?

Check 3: Secure business access before start of day.
Do employees lock the door behind them and keep it locked until it’s time to open for business?

Check 4: Inspect POS machines and other devices for foreign objects.
Criminals can attach devices to POS machines or other devices such as computers that can record what is entered in by the employee and customer. Credit card information can also be captured. Check all POS machines and other computer devices for any extra pieces of hardware that is not familiar. For example an extra piece of hardware between the keyboard and computer.

Check 5: Criminal identification tools.
Are height lines marked on the door frame or on the wall where they can be seen by employees at the cash register to help identify the height of robbers or burglars?

Check 6: Physical locks in good order.
Are all door/window locks in good repair?

Check 7: Natural hiding places for criminals.
Are shrubs, bushes and trees near entrances and around the parking lot trimmed to eliminate hiding places?

Check 8: Securing outside rubbish bins.
Is the outside bin area well lit? Is the lid or cover to the bin locked to prevent illegal dumping or someone hiding inside?

Check 9: Protection of exterior lighting.
Is the exterior lighting protected by shatterproof glass or unbreakable plastic?

Check 10: Securing Checkout system when away
Do staff log out of the checkout system when called away by customers or other staff?

Check 11: Video Surveillance
Is the video surveillance system checked daily and tapes checked? Are software patches applied when released? Are passwords to access the system strong and all default passwords removed?

Check 12: Disaster Recovery Plan
Is there a disaster recovery plan in place? Do staff know what to do and who to contact in the event of theft, natural disasters etc..

If you have any questions about security for your business please contact me via my LinkedIn Page.