How to tell if you’re getting good wealth planning advice

businessIs your advisor really independent? Or are the recommendations you receive tainted by hidden interests?

We all ask this same question every time we pay for anything … “Did I get a good deal?”

What constitutes a good deal for you? Is it that you paid “market value”? Is it that it’s worth what you paid? Is it that it does what you bought it to do?

At the end of the day, the money that changed hands is probably inconsequential if it doesn’t do the job you bought it to do!

When it comes to paying for advice on your wealth planning and setting up structures to safeguard your wealth, how do you know if you got a good deal or not? More importantly how will you know, before it’s too late, whether it will do the job you want it to, OR NOT!

If you’re wondering whether your advisor is focusing on narrow professional interests or influenced by the prospect of a commission and would like to find out more, our FREE special report can help.

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