Tips for Reputation Management In Social Media

Should your business be using social networks to promote your social media marketing strategies and how will your reputation management NZ be affected.

Many businesses have shied away from using Social Media because they are worried about potentially negative results and they fear that users will have a free rein and make a negative impact on the networks.

Certainly there are factors to consider – listed below are the key factors.

Key Factors

Expect to make mistakes – Accept that no one is perfect and nothing ventured is nothing gained. Everyone will not love your business, be respectful and honest and have a go.

Never lose your cool – Often easier said than done – but it is really important that you do not give hasty replies made in anger. Best advice is wait a good few hours and then respond.

Put out the fire – don’t fan the flames. – Take the high road, thank them for their comments and offer to discuss and assist them. This not only calms everything down but can lead to the commentor endorsing your company.

Never intentionally provoke – where possible always avoid the social media fight and never begin one online

Seek input from others. People want to be helpful – so always ask for help and feedback from your customers.

Preaching is a no-no – Don’t go overboard on how good you are or what you and your business is doing for the world, take the praise if it is given but do not seek it out.

Don’t let it be about your ego – If you have negative comments on your site don’t let your ego puff up – It is not about winning an argument here as in some ways the horse has bolted – it is more about handling the situation so your business comes out looking good.

Be prepared – It is far better to have a plan and strategies in place when you use social media, so that if you need to manage issues you will have the skills and processes in place to deal with them and protect your online reputation.

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