Work At Home Goal Setting

home officeIf you’re working from home, then you know how important it is to set goals for yourself. Without goals, it becomes a lot harder to get your work done. But not only is it important to set goals, it’s important to set smart goals. Keep reading to learn how to do smarter goal setting.

Make sure your goals are specific.

Don’t be vague when it comes to setting your goals. If you’re vague, you give yourself more room to slack off. When it comes to working from home, slacking off isn’t going to pay off. It’s important that when you do smarter goal setting that you’re specific in your goals.

One small goal that you do consistently will make a greater impact than a huge goal that you can not accomplish. Incorporating big impact habits into your business will insure your goals add up to real results!

Make sure these goals are measurable too.

Don’t just set “Work on Project X” as your goal. Set “Work on Aspect A of Project X for two hours” as your goal. If you can’t measure your goals, then it’s too easy to say you met that goal when you really didn’t accomplish anything.

Make sure that you can actually attain these goals. Setting a goal that’s out of your reach isn’t going to do anything but bring you down. And when it comes to working from home, keeping motivated is extremely important.

Make sure these goals are relevant to what you’re working on.

If Project X is the most important thing on your docket, then make sure most of your goals relate to Project X. It’s okay to set one or two small goals for Project Y, but you need to make sure most of your focus is going toward the most important thing: Project X.

Your goals should also be timely.

It’s okay to set goals for the entire month, but you need smaller goals spread out as well. So don’t just set a goal of having Project X done by the end of the month. Set a goal of having Aspect A done by the third, Aspect B done by the eighth, and Aspect C done by the fifteenth. Give yourself multiple smaller goals to meet so that you don’t put everything off until the last minute.

The next thing you should do is evaluate the goals you’ve set out.

Have you made sure that they’re attainable? Are they measurable and specific? If not, then you need to make changes to them before you begin your work day.

At the end of the week, month, or whatever, you should also reevaluate the goals you had set.

Were they really attainable? Did you have any trouble meeting those goals? If you had problems with any of your goals, then you should look at what you can do better to either improve your goal setting or to make sure you can meet those goals next time.

You’ll be amazed at how much of an improvement you can make with smarter goal setting. Try it for a month and see how much it will increase your productivity. Trust me, you’ll be glad you gave it a shot.

Deb Bixler is a direct sales expert who provides consulting for start up companies and training for field consultants.

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