Orcon needs to improve its customer service

OrconFair Go last night highlighted the appalling customer service Orcon provides.

I have also had the joy of dealing with Orcon but on the server hosting side. The last was dealing with an apologetic mid-level manager regarding a 7 day wait to have a simple question answered about one of our servers. It has come to a stage where we are in the process of moving all our services and servers to another NZ hosting provider who provides far better customer service.

However one thing Fair Go did not mention is the excellent customer service provided by the Orcon team who manage the Orcon Twitter support account.

If I want something followed up I get on Twitter and ask the Orcon support to look into it – and they do – fast. The response is less than 60 minutes and the resolution of my issue is less than a day on most occasions.

So Orcon has lost a customer because I just don’t have the time to chase up service providers who I give a crap load of money to each month  – what I do suggest is that the managers take a look at what their Twitter support team are doing. Maybe place them in charge of customer support?