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Think Big, Work Smart: 5 Technologies to Increase Team Productivity

Looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity? Here are five tools that can take you to the next level:

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Looking for ways to increase your team’s productivity? Here are five tools that can take you to the next level:

1. Mobile:

Work-capable mobile devices are popping up everywhere, and many employees are taking their work with them while they travel. Putting together an effective mobile strategy where employees have thing, light but functional devices gives them the power to work as they wait in line at airports or ride in the cab. Bring your own devices (BYOD) is taking the workplace by storm and companies need to take advantage of it.

  • Synced email accounts: Connecting a work email to a smartphone enables team members to respond to emails at anytime. If someone steps out to meet a client they can still be reached in a non intrusive manner
  • Empowered mobile workforce: Forrester research says that 86% of workers use smartphones to or view documents, spreadsheets. 44% use tablets to edit and update those same spreadsheet
  • Conferencing on the go: Tablets and smartphones are being used to access video conferences when not there

As mobile technology continues to develop look for more solutions enabling teams to work together increase productivity and grow profits.

2. Google:

Google has given a lot to technology community with collaborative software and tools to help grow a business, including the following:

  • Google Apps allows your team access to cloud driven documents and presentations which allow your team to work on projects at the same time from anywhere.
  • Google Alerts lets you track conversations happening around the web easily. This can be beneficial if you are looking for people mentioning your Brand in articles or stories. It is a great way to build relationships with people who are loyal to your brand. A few other tools you might be interested in checking out from Google; Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Messaging, and Google Plus.

3. Video Conferencing:

Telecommuting can often increase efficiency by enabling employees to work from home without the distractions of co-workers. However what about team collaboration or meetings? This is where Skype can come in handy. The simple to use video software enables you to hold small meetings quickly and effectively. Give your team the flexibility to work occasionally from home and utilize Skype, GoToMeeting, other video conferencing suites to keep in touch, during the process. If you want more tips on how to have an effective work from home policy check out this article on Inc.

4. System Networks:

System networks have loads of benefits for businesses. They offer an affordable, scalable solutions for companies to grow their storage needs. Network storage also allows essential backup with automated processes for extra protection. Allow any computer on the network either in office or via VPN access to company information giving team members the flexibility to work when needed without storing permanent data on individual computers.

5. Project Management Software:

Managing team members can be a daunting task. Understanding what projects are being worked on and when they are projected to finish is an essential element of team productivity. Project management software can help teams assign and complete tasks, store project deliverables, and manage discussions. There are hundreds of solutions out there you can test out a few free trials to see what fits your company needs best.

Companies looking to succeed are always working to motivate employees and make their lives easier and more productive. Proper implementation of technology can be a powerful driving factor in these initiatives.

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