Is your Business Creating a Great Impression

smileyYour business creates an impression in the mind of your prospects and customers each and every day. You have ability to ensure that it is appropriate, consistent and positive. How well does your business create the impression with your prospects and customers that you want to portray?

How clear are you on the impression of your business you would like your customers to have?

Everything your business does helps to build the impression your prospects and customers hold of you. This impression is carried in your letterhead, business cards, phone greetings, shop window, invoices, in fact every contact your customers have with your business.

Creating a consistent logo only goes part of the way. “Don’t tell me… show me” … requires that every customer contact reinforces the great impression your printed material creates. As your customer deals with your business they experience “Moments of Truth” where your great impression is either reinforced, or destroyed

  • What impression does your business portray currently?
  • Is that impression the one you want to portray?
  • How consistent is that impression across everything you do?
  • Is the impression right for your place in the market?
  • How well does your team understand the components that make up that impression?

…by building an understanding with your team of the impression you want…and then how to support that impression in everything you do you create a powerful point of difference… “The more fussy you get, the faster your business will grow”

Have you identified the “Moments of Truth” for your business? Have you created systems to ensure the consistency of your customers experience in every one of those moments?

Consistency is the Key. This relies on every member of your team understanding the impression you want to create, and how they can support that impression in everything they do

How clearly do you hold a vision of the type of business you want to run?
How well have you articulated this vision to your team?
What picture does this vision paint of the impression you need to create with your customers?
How can you create this impression in every contact with your customers?

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