Top 10 Causes of Data Loss!

Almost everyone faces the problem of data loss at some point in their lives; if you’re not one of those people then you’re lucky, you really are!

Data loss is a serious problem and in some cases the data is not recoverable. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know about the most common causes of data loss so that you may benefit from them and avoid any future mishaps. Discussed below are the top ten causes of data loss a user may encounter; titled by the first common reaction.

1. Oops! I’ve accidentally deleted my data!

Does this line sound familiar? Lots of people accidentally delete their data from the hard drive; sometimes the deletion is intentional and sometimes unintentional. Intentional deletion maybe noticed the very moment the data is deleted (like you wanted to delete a file but the moment you deleted it, you realized that you may need it again) on the other hand unintentional deletion may be unnoticed for a long time until you realize that you need the file but it’s gone already. Therefore, it is advised to be very careful when handling your data and keep an eye on that delete button!

2. I hate computer viruses!

Computer viruses can be very annoying if they’re not dealt with properly. They may result in corruption and loss of your important data. It is always recommended to install a good antivirus solution on your computer and keep it up to date, so you can retaliate against any virus.

3. My files are corrupt

Your files get corrupted because of logical errors, which are caused by software issues, invalid entries in file locations and some other factors. They may also damage other files and corrupt them as well, which will then result in data loss. To avoid this, make sure you back up all your data to separate disk drives.

4. I’ve damaged my computer hardware!

Your hard drives are very sensitive and any form of mishandling could result in physical damage to your hard drive platters (which are spinning at more than 5000 revolutions per minute). This may cause your data to be lost beyond the point of recovery. It is always recommended to handle your hard drive with care so that your precious data stays safe.

5. I’ve accidentally formatted my hard drive! What now?!

Some users may have formatted their hard drives accidentally, which caused instant loss of data. But don’t worry, this problem can be tackled and your data can be retrieved. Just be sure not to overwrite your hard disk if you’ve formatted it and call an expert!

6. My software crashed!

Sometimes when you’re making an important document or editing a photo in a photo editor and suddenly your software halts or crashes; this can result in damage to your drive and you also loose important unsaved data (which is very annoying).

7. Damn these electrical problems!

Power failures can cause unsaved data to be lost and it may also result in corruption of files. It is always recommended to frequently save your files while working.

8. I wish I had listened to my hard disk when it was crying for help..

If your hard disk is making noises or if you’re experiencing problems like random file removals or your system is hanging often for no reason, well then it’s time for you to change your hard disk. It’s always advised to keep backing up your data on different disk drives, because machines are unpredictable and can fail any time without prior warning.

9. I hate hackers!

Your system may be hacked by hackers and they may damage your data. It is always recommended to use a firewall on your system and keep a check for malicious activities.

10. Mother Nature strikes!

You may lose your data in a natural disaster. Fire, thunderstorms, earthquakes, floods may cause physical damage to your drives and systems. These strikes are inevitable and unforeseen, therefore it is always a good idea to backup your data and store it in remote locations.

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