Why exhibit at a trade show?


With so many cheap marketing options available these days, it’s all too easy to forget the value of traditional, face-to-face methods. However, research shows that such practices are far from dead and can be highly effective when deployed in the right way.

So what are the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show and why should your company get involved?

Target the inaccessible

Trade shows are a great venue for companies to gain exposure to high-level prospects that would usually be inaccessible to sales staff.

Company directors and buyers typically attend such events, which can equate to a great opportunity for networking and promotion.

Similarly, by engaging in face-to-face contact, sales staff can develop a personal relationship with prospects, which can often lead to a better reception for sales pitches in the future.

Face to Face

Studies into face-to-face sales show that much more information can be imparted in person than remotely.

Unlike remote forms of marketing, meeting someone in the flesh allows sales staff to interact with prospects with immediacy.

Similarly, face-to-face meetings mean that objections and concerns can be met head-on and any follow-up materials or samples can be deployed immediately.


Exhibiting at a trade show can be particularly good for companies with a product that lends itself well to hands-on interaction.

Viewing pictures or footage of a product remotely is no match for getting to grips with it in person and sales staff will be able to demonstrate its worth to prospects.

Being in attendance at a trade exhibition can often indicate that companies are seriously interested in what’s on offer and there are few better and more cost-effective ways of getting your products in front of such a receptive audience.

The state of the industry

In addition to networking, staff attending a trade show will be able to get valuable insight to the concerns and issues affecting their industry at large.

By dropping in on keynotes and presentations, they’ll get a glimpse of the current state of the sector and intelligence on the practices of competitors.

Similarly, by looking at the approach of other companies, businesses can refine their own sales methods with a view to increasing conversion.

Live selling versus remote methods

In the current marketing climate, it’s easy to become caught up with the buzz over new and innovative methods, like social media, email marketing and content.

However, reports indicate that many companies still view face-to-face meetings as “essential” in developing business relationships over the long term.

While no one method is guaranteed to result in sales, by combining offline, online and in-person marketing techniques, businesses can ensure they’re targeting prospects across the board.

Trade shows are still a valuable resource for companies looking to connect with their prospects in a meaningful and personal way. And with so many taking place across the globe, it seems unlikely that such events will fall out of favour anytime soon.

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