Passing an interview aptitude test

testIn an increasingly-competitive job market today’s employers often have to filter through hundreds or perhaps even thousands of applications for every job vacancy.

This has created a situation where additional stages of the application process are rapidly being introduced, as a way of filtering out unsuitable candidates before interview stage.

Aptitude tests are currently used by around 70% of the world’s recruiters, from entry level positions to more senior level jobs. Online recruiter Director Appointments, specialises in filling director positions and offers online advice for taking these tests. As nerve-wracking as they can be, they are designed to be easily achievable by anyone who will also be capable of performing the role applied for, so there really isn’t any need to worry.

The best way to become proficient at anything is to practice. Luckily there are many websites where potential candidates can go through examples of aptitude tests before they even begin applying for jobs.

There are various types of test so it’s best to sample a few of each. Potential recruiters will most likely employ a mixture of numerical, verbal and spatial reasoning tests, depending on the type of job vacancy, and many will include a basic personality test.

Many employers who use these aptitude tests as part of the application process are happy to let you know which type of test to expect in advance. Call the HR department and ask, then you can brush up on the appropriate skills.

Remember the advice you were given when taking exams at school and university. Read all the questions carefully even if they seem simple at first glance. For numerical questions make sure you know what units to use.

For verbal reasoning be careful to use all the information given on the paper. In a personality test employers are usually looking out for inconsistencies, hence the number of similar questions. Be honest and you will not find you contradict yourself accidentally.

Don’t let yourself fail because you were distracted. Visit the toilet before your test, make sure you have eaten an adequate breakfast or lunch and switch off your mobile phone.

In the case of an online application it can be sorely tempting to get help with tests from friends or the internet, but this is never wise. In 90% of cases where the initial test is performed online from home there will be more testing further down the application process. If you can’t complete the tests yourself then perhaps this is not the right job for you?

Most importantly of all, relax. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t get the first job you apply for. If you are unsuccessful then always follow up by asking for feedback.

The more you can find out about why you did not pass the more chance you have of succeeding next time.

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