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Human Excellence is an Activity of the Soul

Do you lead out in life from the essence of who you are? Or do you lead out according to the external expectations the world places on you?

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Are you in vibrational alignment with who you really are?

Do you lead out in life from the essence of who you are? Or do you lead out according to the external expectations the world places on you? How do you walk your path in life? Is your soul guiding the way or your ego, or have you been able to discover a way to have these two opposing forces work together in harmony?

Aristotle, the well known Greek philosopher, once said that human excellence is an activity of the soul, rather than an activity of the physical body.

I certainly know for myself that when my body’s ego is in service to my soul I begin to feel the emergence of true fulfilment, creativity and enlightenment.

It is one thing to have a goal in life and to take action, and in doing so achieve it and then move onto the next one. It is another thing however to be connected into your life’s overall purpose, to know from within why you are here, to live from a place of inspiration every day, to be in vibrational alignment with who you really are and to radiate that out through the eyes of your soul.

Why are you here, what is your purpose, what lights you up from within and gets you energised and excited, how do you want to be remembered and what contribution would you like to make in this lifetime? When you have the answers to these questions you will feel truly inspired to take action and contribute your energy towards realising it and you will never need someone else to motivate you to get out of bed because you are creating from a place of what is important to your human spirit. When you connect into the voice of your heart and align all parts of your ego to serve that voice, life becomes unlimited.

Five years ago I had an experience where I was invited to rise above my life and journey back in time to review my experiences from a different perspective. I vividly recall about three minutes into the process feeling my whole being floating up out of my body and looking back down on my existence. It was from this place that I had an insight into how I had been living my life and the systemic ramifications of not only my actions but also the actions of those who were directly connected to me and those connected to them, and so on and so on.

As I looked down on myself I could see in the very depths of my being a little white light that was trying to shine and show me the way. It was a voice inside me that was calling me home. It was a place of stillness and peace hidden deep within. It was my soul.

As I continued to observed my current situation I could see the conflict between where my soul was seeking to journey and the direction my ego was getting pulled in. I realised approximately 60% of my life was living according to other people’s expectations, and when the other 40% endeavoured to live according to my own expectations there would be a pull from people surrounding me to try and get me to conform to their way of being, beliefs and expectations.

My journey since then has been to continue to peel away the layers that in the past had been covering my internal light and begin to understand what my true path is in life, and to stop being accountable to others – rather to be in service to my soul.

I remember not only intellectually but experientially having a realisation that, from the moment my mother first smiled and held me at me at birth, the first time I was scolded and yelled at, through to a variety of experiences at school, with friends, family and society, that I had grown an entire world around me that reflected who I had become. I realised that some of those ways of being were not in alignment and conducive to who I was becoming and the path I was seeking – I still had times of living my life according to shoulds and shouldn’ts, cants and cans, and in the process I had lost the connection to my source.

It was time to re-direct my focus back to the essence of who I really was. It was time to bring alive my life’s purpose that resonated from the voice within; it was time to realign my ego to be in service to my soul.

I have now come to realise that everything is in its perfect order and our experiences up until now are an important part of our evolution. Whilst you cannot change what has happened in the past you can change the way in which you choose to respond to it. We see the world not as it is but as we have been conditioned to see it and underneath all that conditioning is a voice that is calling you home a voice that has a unique plan and purpose in store just for you.

Which part of you has its say and how does it respond? Is it clear on your soul’s purpose? Close your eyes and breath into your heart and ask yourself from a heart-filled space, “Why am I here?”, “What is important to me?” and from this place, what do you now choose to create for yourself in your life – how do you choose to be?

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