Article Marketing – It Works

The success of any marketing strategy starts with a well thought out plan of action.

In your article marketing plan we recommend creating a list of tasks and then commit to following through on your plan, consistency and volume of article marketing placement will help you achieve your marketing goals.

For every task list the day the task is to commence and the expected time of delivery (also known as ETA). Using Article Marketing as a strategy is not exclusive to the internet and is as popular in the print media as the online arena.

Here are some article marketing plan tips from Donna Richardson, Director of Mobilize Mail Limited

Article Publishing

Commit to publishing a minimum of 10 articles per year ideally at least one article per month. Article marketing is highly effective when executed on a regular basis as it creates a trusted advisor status for your business and hence improves your reputation and ranking in google.

Hyperlinks in your Article

Place a hyperlink to your website in your articles and review your website analytics every month to measure the results. Viewing the visitor traffic from your article marketing is encouraging and proof it works.

Articles Must Be Unique Per Publishing Site

Articles must be unique per site that they are published on – duplication of articles dilutes their effect and the results you are looking for especially in google key word searches.

Less is More – 300 – 600 words

Articles can be 300 words or more – but not a War & Peace in length. If you have a topic that you have lots to say about – spread it over a few articles of shorter length over a couple of days.

Article Marketing is one area of your marketing strategy that is relatively easy to do, is cost effective and can be put across online and in print.

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