Using Customer Loyalty Cards for Home Business Owners

homeThere are a lot of ways that small business owners can encourage repeat business and still offer benefits to their customers. A direct sales business thrives and grows because of referrals from existing customers and the networking done by the business owner.

One of the marketing tools that a direct sales consultant can use is loyalty cards. But loyalty cards need to be executed properly if they are going to have the desired effect.

Wide Benefits Program

When you develop your direct sales marketing plan using a loyalty card program, you need to create a range of rewards that will give your customers a lot of reasons to want to use the program. You can use a points program that gives discounts off future purchases and you can also offer the opportunity for your customers to redeem their points for cash as well.

Give your clients a wide variety of ways to accumulate points and use your entire product catalog when it comes to choosing products that have the bonuses attached to them.

Make it Easy

Dispensing loyalty cards is a great way to remind customers that they are part of your direct sales program, but those cards tend to get lost. Once your customer loses her loyalty card, she may forget about the program unless there are alternative ways for her to claim her points. The most effective way to run a loyalty card program is to make sure that there is an online companion website that allows customers to manage their points and watch their bonuses accrue.

Push it Constantly

Remember that your loyalty card bonus program is designed to get people to come to your direct sales events and participate. If you do not show enthusiasm for the loyalty program, then your customers will forget about it quickly. Whenever you develop new marketing materials for your upcoming events, you should always include information on your loyalty program. You should also work to constantly update the program to make it better. The more you put into a loyalty card program for your direct sales organization, the more that you will get out of it.

Use it to Your Advantage

A loyalty card for a direct sales company should be treated like an insider’s club that anyone can join. When you offer your customers tremendous value with your loyalty program, then those customers will start telling their friends about it. The best way to encourage this word of mouth information is to offer loyalty points for current customers who refer new clients who join the program and buy products.

Loyalty card programs are excellent ways to keep your current customers buying products and to inspire those current customers to refer their friends and family to your business. When you use a loyalty program properly, it can be quite profitable.