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Using Aromatherapy to Combat the Winter Blues

Most of us get a little down some time or another in winter. There is no doubt that a rainy, cold day without seeing too much sunshine can all play a part on our moods and emotions.

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Most of us get a little down some time or another in winter. There is no doubt that a rainy, cold day without seeing too much sunshine can all play a part on our moods and emotions. There is nothing like a little sunshine to put that bounce back into ones step and uplift spirits. With essential oils uplifting and warming qualities you can achieve a sunny, warm and uplifting environment in your personal lives, salon treatments and atmosphere. By awakening our sense of smell and letting it guide us as to what brings us (or our clients) warmth, comfort and energy, we evoke these feelings, like having our own rays of sunshine in a bottle.

There is a lot of essential oils and numerous mixtures of oils that you could use to achieve these types of emotions and atmosphere. A lot comes down to personal choice of scents. What brings you warmth and calm might be too overpowering for others, so always check with clients that they enjoy the fragrance you have prepared. Also, if you have added one of the cooling oils to your blend, check that is isn’t too cooling for your clients, especially if you are using it in a treatment.

Citrus oils are all uplifting e.g. tangerine, lime, and grapefruit. They are nice in a blend and especially good for winter as they have anti–viral properties. Citrus oils are more cooling then warming but mellow out a blend and have enormous uplifting qualities.

Some of the stimulating oils like rosemary, black pepper, eucalyptus, and peppermint are all good for uplifting and shaking the winter blues. They have anti-bacterial; anti-viral properties (especially eucalyptus) so can double up with shaking a cold or sniffles. All of these oils (except peppermint which is cooling) have warming, uplifting qualities.

Blend suggestions

Warming uplifting blends for salon atmosphere and treatments

Salon reception blend

Cinnamon3 drops
Tangerine10 drops
Black Pepper2 drops
Pettigrain5 drops

Put in a vapouriser that has warm water with a lit candle. This is sure to warm, uplift and energise any salon environment.

Warming treatment blend

Nutmeg2 drops
Ginger4 drops
Lime6 drops
Vanilla1 drop

Place into 20mls carrier oil such as canola, grapeseed, apricot or almond. Drop the essential oils into the carrier oil in a bottle. Roll the bottle between the palms to disperse essential oils and to warm the mixture. To warm up mixture before applying to the body, stand in a glass of warm water before treatment.

This blend will relax, unwind and revitalise, it will also leave a warm comforting aura. The same essential oil mixture would work well if mixed into an unscented body gommage (like Aroma Vera’s unscented body gommage`) and then follow with a massage of the same blend as above.

Pre-mixed Aroma Vera Blend Suggentions

Celebration synergy – is great as it has pine, fir and frankincense, which provide good cheer and atmosphere to the environment. (Great for the mid Xmas dinner)

Depression synergy – not just for depression, but also a “feel good” blend of Rose absolute, rosewood and geranium, will disperse any negativity.

Cleanse synergy – of grapefruit, birch and lemon will also ward off the Winter Blues and be very refreshing to any room and body.

Muscle Ease – a warming, reviving blend of birch, juniper and thyme. Disperses lactic acid, and toxins out of muscles, providing analgesic properties and warming and comforting to sore, cold areas of the body.