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The business benefits of online recruitment

A large number of companies across the globe have witnessed a significant fall in their ability to retain staff.

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A large number of companies across the globe have witnessed a significant fall in their ability to retain staff.

Surveys taken at the beginning of this year have indicated that morale is now lower than ever due to their fear related to the recession that has recently experienced a double-dip, which has manifested itself in another dip – in employee productivity, that is.

In fact, 66% of businesses have reported experiencing difficulties relating to staff retention.

So what is it about the remaining 33% of organisations that have not reported any issues in retaining staff?

Well, these companies have tended to focus heavily on maintaining good relationships with their employees; keeping an eye on company culture and adjusting their practices accordingly.

Many of these companies have helped illustrate the fact that what is commonly referred to as ‘internal personal investment’ has had a positive effect on morale and therefore staff retention. For example, Online Resourcing, a company that specialises in Online Resourcing, a company that specialises in online recruitment has retained an impressive 96% of its workforce in the past 24 months.

Personal development is key

It is important that staff members are given the opportunity to grow within their profession.

Fundamentally, staff should know exactly what is expected of them on a day-to-day basis at their place of work and if their position or duties are to adapt or change in any way, then staff should always be given adequate prior warning.

It is important to find out what skills each employee has and to utilise them in the best way possible – if the employee wishes to drive their career forward, it would be best for the company to accommodate this, in order to retain talent.

Newly-promoted sales director Jonathan Fieldhouse has been with Online Resourcing since 2008 and has seen how internal development breeds positivity, creativity and drives results.

Fieldhouse is prime example of the way in which his company Online Resourcing have invested in personal development – he has been able to hone his skills base and rise through the ranks with the keen support of his superiors.

With such support, Fieldhouse was able to utilise his abilities to maintain lucrative advertising accounts with Nestle, Mars and Persimmon Homes among others. Fieldhouse proudly states that such ‘internal investment and belief in staff’ has been paramount not only to his professional success, but also to the success of the company for which he works.

Mr Fieldhouse’s boss, Managing Director Oliver Adderley, considers running a business to be akin to running a football team – stating that ‘it is very much about putting key players in their strongest positions’.

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