11 Surprising facts about Data Loss!

macbook is slowData loss is a condition when your data is accessible. This is a very common problem and it can sometimes be very costly; both in terms of data recovery costs and the loss of valuable. Losing personal data may result in mental stress and severe agony while losing business data can result in major financial losses. If you’re not careful enough, one mistake or mishap could result in loss of data – which was prepared by working tirelessly for hours and at the expense of hard earned money!

Before we go further, let us share some surprising facts about Data Loss:

  1. You may think that data that is lost can always be recovered, but you’ll be alarmed to know that about 50 percent of data recoveries fail, whereas the cost of recovery is in thousands of dollars.
  2. About 32 percent of computer users experience data loss each year!
  3. Small businesses that unfortunately experience drastic data loss go out of business in less than a year!
  4. Businesses that are highly dependent on electronic data are not able to resume services if data is not available for more than 10 days.
  5. In the United States, more than 0.2 million hard drives crash every week. Yet people think that hard drives are reliable. No! They are not.
  6. About 30 percent of mobile computers are stolen or they experience memory failures!
  7. Astonishingly, a tad less than 100 percent of employees’ personal computers are not backed up! Though the main systems are backed up, but generally individual computers are neglected, thereby making them vulnerable to data loss.
  8. The yearly virus damage to US businesses is more than 50 billion dollars!
  9. The rate of failure of disk drivers and other conventional storing mediums is 100 percent! All drives fail sooner or later.
  10. Less than 30 percent of conventional storage drives are stored off site.
  11. Thousands of people accidentally leave their mobile computers in public transports, which results in a literal loss of data!

These are the alarming realities and we need to educate people and businesses about the importance of data backup. Don’t just rely on conventional storage mediums like disk drives, optical discs or magnetic drives. Spend a few dollars to purchase online storage space and protect thousands of dollars worth of data. Also, install good antivirus software on your systems and keep the software up to date with the latest virus definitions.

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