Woman Business Mentors

Following on from the article posted by Business Blogs “Great Tips for Finding a Business Mentor”, here are some additional thoughts focused on women business mentors.

There are an amazing collection of experienced and successful women in business all around New Zealand that can provide business mentoring that may suit particular situations, for example:

  • Women starting or growing a business – women in business often share some of the same or similar challenges that a male mentor may not have experience with. For example balancing family commitments or small children with their business situation, or for some tackling the “glass ceiling” in male dominated industries. Mentoring from someone who has faced these issues and overcome the challenges will provide excellent support and advice.
  • Specific female oriented or dominated industries – areas like health and beauty, design, fashion, childcare, baby products and the like will no doubt have a wealth of experienced women who have done it before and can relate to your specific industry.

Organisations for Women in Business

In New Zealand there are some growing business networks just for women, like the Her Business Networks or CompanyofWomen, both of these organisations have a Group on LinkedIn that you can join to connect with others and participate in online discussions.

These organisations can potentially help you to find a suitable mentor and offer regular contact and support to share common issues or resources with other women in business. So if you are interested in mentoring from a business woman get involved in these networks and find out what’s available in your area, your local business association may be able to suggest some contacts to start with too.

Mentoring from the right person or group to suit your situation is certainly worth the effort to establish, what you get out of it will come down to what you are willing to put into it. Any further suggestions or comments for sources of woman mentors in New Zealand would be welcomed.

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