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What is your point?

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Does your business have a “point of difference”?

In this competitive market, you need to know how to market to your target audience and, just as importantly – what you need to be saying to get their attention and interest in your business.

Every commercial enterprise needs to know what makes its business unique and differentiates itself from the competition.

If you don’t know your USPs, you are also likely not to know your actual competition.

To grow by grabbing more market share, you must do some ‘working on the business’ strategizing to know your point of difference and how to use it!

How To Create A Point of Difference

Here are four tips on finding what makes your business what it is today and how to create your “POINT” or USPs to compete smarter for sales.

Ask your top 10 clients.

Find out why your current clients use you and determine if a standard message could become your point of difference.

It’s all about you

YOU are the face of your business, so take a look at yourself and work out what makes you different.  Maybe something in your unique personality helps the company stand out.

Get creative

Brainstorm ways to create a simple point of difference.  Your difference could be about your service or product, or the experience customers receive when dealing with you.

Be clear

Your point of difference doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, but you should know what it is and clearly and concisely communicate it to others.

If you don’t know why your customers should deal with you and your business – how can you expect your customers to do so.

Your point of difference should be the POINT of why you are in business, why people will use you, and why you will succeed at the end of the day.  Take my point!!

This post is short and snappy but we have a lot more articles to assist you in getting one up on your competition including the following articles.

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When your business is in a highly competitive sector it needs to do the basics really well and choose what USP will shine above all others so customers can say why they shop with you.

You don’t always want to be looking in the rear vision mirror otherwise you’ll crash the car. The same applies to your business – don’t spend all your time watching your competitors. Focus on navigating the obstacles in front of you using proven customer acquisition techniques.