Three Things You Need to Succeed

success signFor every pursuit or goal we have in life there are three things we need to succeed.

  1. Support – We need the support of our company, our family, our boss or even our business colleagues
  2. Expertise – We need to become proficient with the new skill we are learning, we need to get to the stage that the new skill feels natural and a part of us
  3. Money – Yes… We need money. In most cases we don’t need great sums of money. With a little creativity you can almost get this to be free, but mostly you will need some money.

So what has all this got to do with sales? and how does this help me?

  1. Support – do you have the support you require to generate the sales you need to? Support can come in various forms, you can get a coach, network with people in the same situation as you, seek out a mentor or turn to your manager and peers, seek out online groups, read blogs etc.
  2. Expertise – You will need to increase your sales skills. There are many ways in which to do this, you could read a number of books, use a coach or mentor, attend a few workshops or even turn to experts in the field. Many of them will provide you with the assistance you seek for free (or at least get you started!). Read some of the blogs on the Net. They are great source of information for no cost.
  3. Money – Ahh… the money component allows you to invest in the Support and Expertise you require. Use your money wisely, a cup of coffee can go a long way in starting a relationship that will provide you with the Support and Expertise you require.

Tip for the Day: Look at what you need in terms of Support, Expertise and Money.

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