The 3 R’s of Marketing

marketingSuccessfully marketing you and your business is not always a simple or straight forward task, but there are three aspects to your business that you can focus on that will strongly benefit you and the performance of your business.

Build Your REPUTATION constantly
Strengthen your RELATIONSHIPS continually
Create a community of REFEREES and REFERRALS

Here are five tips to consider on how you can maximise your 3 – R’s.

  1. Consolidate your current client relationships
    Don’t lose sight of your existing clients in hot pursuit of new ones. It costs five times as much to attract a new client than it does to keep a client. Pareto’s Law states that 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your new business and new referrals. Go through your data-base and identify the top 20% and review how you can optimise these relationships for the long term.
  2. Seek referrals from your community
    Write down a list of your community of people – clients, suppliers, colleagues, associates, and other possible contacts. Identify potential advocates that can help promote your message, give feedback on your service or expertise. At the same time you can help support them in their objectives. As someone once said “Shine the light on others and you shine even brighter.
  3. Host an ‘information’ event
    You can quickly build your profile and credibility by hosting your own information sessions inviting your clients, their friends and your community. Partner up with other complimentary affiliates and you have a great opportunity to showcase your business, your profile and your services.
  4. Write and get published on-line
    Build your reputation as an expert and write, blog, twitter and YouTube online. Spread the word on your expertise and you spread the word on your business. It can take time and a commitment to write and create articles but it can be an effective tool to promote you and your business without it costing a cent.
  5. Support your local community
    Explore your local community, within 10 kilometres of where you live and work there will be an abundance of business opportunities and new relationships that could be valuable to you and your business. Find something you are passionate about, where you want to commit your time. Not only will you feel good about the positive contribution you are making in your community but it could provide you a great platform to market your business.

Ultimately manage your reputation, relationships and referrals and it will provide you and your business multiple benefits, both at a personal and business level.