Stop using Gmail to send business emails

hackersWe receive hundreds of emails requesting guest posting each week and I would say 99% of them come via Gmail.

Every email that comes from a Gmail account is instantly deleted for three reasons:

1) There are banners on the site that directs the person to the official signup form for guest posting. So sending an email requesting guest posting seems to imply that you have not been to the site, so why should I waste my staffs time with your email? Even the “Contact” tab has the link to signup for guest posting.

2) Software is available that automates the creation and sending of guest posting emails. You can tell them from a mile away but whats really interesting is that they all have Gmail addresses bar a few in a hundred. So we just have a wide-net policy of deleting emails from gmail accounts to save time.

3) Most emails are from hire-hands who write crap SEO focused posts who are employed by dodgy businesses to try and boost their search rankings. The English is poor and the post is so boring that watching paint dry is more exciting.

So if you would like to guest post on this blog you are more than welcome to apply – but note, even though this is a free service we will check out your business and read your post before we publish anything. We value our readers and appreciate that they have given time out of their busy day to visit this blog so crap posts are not allowed.

On a final note – if you are running a business you should be sending business emails with your business domain NOT a free service like Gmail or Hotmail. It gives the impression you’re not really a business but a hobby. It costs peanuts to register a domain with GoDaddy plus they make it ridiculously easy to set up a basic website and email.

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