Staff Management Tips – A Tool for Getting Staff to become Reflective

teamIn my role as a management supervisor a lot of discussion is based around dealing with staff.

Non performing staff, difficult staff, hard-to-figure out staff – you get the picture. Something I am sure you can all relate to.

So one day I came up with an idea – I am not sure if it is an original idea, I just know that it felt a safe and effective way to give staff the opportunity to become self reflective. Those that have used the tool have reported back very positively.

It is a SWOT analysis for staff.

Firstly, some setting up.

The idea of this analysis is to invite conversation – open and frank conversation around performance and around ownership of performance.
Let’s be honest, no manager wants to micro-manage staff or has the time to do so.

So the SWOT analysis is given to staff members well before they meet with you to discuss it. They are given permission to be totally honest in their reflection. There must also be time allowed for you to view their responses so you can take some notes.

Actually before you do this you need to take stock of your own communication skills.

Do you understand what open communication is? (I have shared some ideas on this in a previous blog) Do you have the ability and emotional intelligence to allow people to be totally honest without feeling wounded or taking things personally? Can you separate the person with what is going on with their performance? Can you be totally impartial with the person sitting in front of you? Are you listening skills what they need to be?

One of the challenges in many organisations in New Zealand is that managers are thrust into management roles with little development around managing let alone leadership. Organisations require great leaders –unfortunately we pick and under develop great managers.
The following are the parts of the SWOT analysis that you will invite reflection on from the people involved.


What strengths do you bring to your role in the organisation? Can they be developed to further enhance your ability? Can they be utilised better within the organisation?


Is there anything about you that makes it difficult to do your job? Can you think of anything that can be done to support you on this?


What opportunities would you like to see in the organisation? Where can you see yourself medium term? What support would you like available to support you on this journey?


Is there anything that threatens your ability to do your job well? Things within the organisation? Any ideas on what could change?

As you can see there needs to be some thought put into it and it needs to be supported with some honest discussion.

In another blog I will look at responding to some of the challenges this analysis may bring.

Good luck with it.