Office Furniture For A More Productive You

deskchairsOffice is synonymous to long work hours spent at ones workstation. Different workstations involve the use of different pieces of furniture which tend to become ones companion through the course of a normal working day. Ergonomic office furniture redefines the world of office chairs, desks, cabinets etc by providing a more comfortable, posture-friendly and safe alternative to the regular office furniture. Such furniture is designed to care for the human form and contribute towards enhancing the overall productivity of the employees.


Ergonomic office furniture draws inspiration from the basic human form, complementing it in whatever way possible. The main design focus is on the complete co-ordination between the user, equipment and the work environment. The furniture design incorporates the user’s capabilities, strengths and limitations in order to optimise the well-being of the body and boosting output.

Brands like Allseating, HAG, Abaco, Architex, DMI, Chairworks, Globalcare, Evolve, Marvel, Versa etc offer unique concepts in human-friendly office furniture. From a wide range of desks and chairs, entire workstations, filing and storage options, computer equipment, accessories and the like, there is a world of ergonomic furniture to choose from.

It has been observed over a period of time and research that a number of office employees suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Incidents of low back-ache are quite common often lasting for months at end and hampering work. The thoughtful ergonomic furniture brings relief to many such sufferers by offering them comfort, ease of use and functionality all at the same time. For instance, an ergonomic office chair would support the back at all the right places, would have a padded head-support, will be able to adjust vertically and in other directions ensuring that the worker has a correct posture with feet on the ground and other such-like features. Other features like a rocking footrest would ensure circulation in case a worker has been sitting for a while and take off some pressure from the lower back.

Similarly, ergonomically designed office desks offer adjustable heights; easily transforming a seated workstation to a standing one. The surface area of the desk is maximised through clever use of space for supplies. Everything a worker needs is at a close reach and undue stretching is avoided. The computer wires, cords and other attachments fit well in their designated spaces and are quite discreet. Computer accessories like the keyboard and mouse provide the hand and fingers the perfect angle they deserve, thus minimising pressure and promoting fluidity of motion.

The Ergonomic Buying Guide

It is important to choose the furniture wisely and not just follow trends. Factors like the office space, employee strength and their particular needs, nature of work, economical restraints and the like need to be considered before furnishing the office. A little market research always helps to understand what’s available and what would actually suit ones requirements.

Ergonomic office furniture is not only worker-friendly but is instrumental in minimising fatigue for the workers. And, the icing on the cake is the fact that the designs are highly creative, giving the office a total makeover.

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