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Is Stinking Thinking Impacting Your Bottom Line?

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How much does your mindset determine your business success?

Tony Robbins says as much as 80%. That leaves just twenty percent for everything else, including skill, knowledge. Does it make you wonder why we’re not taught mindset training at school?

Budding Entrepreneurs keen to just make their business idea happen will be happy to learn their will to do well will likely make it a reality. However, it’s seldom this easy as you need to know if you have a mindset for success.

Mindset Explained

What is mindset? It’s your view of the world and how you process it, including your assumptions, beliefs, and procedures.

You can set your mind for success by making good thought processing a habit. Yes, stop the negativity. This, too, is easier said than done, as we all have the internal chatter and doomsday thoughts that just pop into our heads uninvited.

Getting the mindset for success takes some training, so you are confident to do what you love and be successful.

Most people would struggle to articulate the state of their mindset. Is it working for you or against you?

Stinking Thinking

In this blog post, we look at an example of stinking thinking. Plus, the impacts of the negative thoughts. Once you’re aware of the root cause, you can eradicate it and replace it with good thought processing.

Therefore, we will also share a simple and very effective model that will help you create a ‘mindset’ that will empower you to generate more of the results that you in your business.

Just for a moment, please open your mind to the following statement and we have broken it down so it’s easier to digest:

  • Your thoughts influence your feelings (emotions)
  • Your thoughts and feelings influence your actions
  • Your actions/non-actions effects your results!

Essentially you control how you think, feel, and act. As a result of this cause and effect, you get the results you deserve.


Let’s use a business example to demonstrate how you’re controlling what you get in business and life.

As the owner of a startup, you’re also responsible for driving sales. It’s your first business, so you’ve not got the mind you need for success.

Therefore your current thought processing is:

No one’s buying, there’s a recession, what’s the point – they’ll just say no anyway, everyone’s struggling

These thoughts are good examples of stinking thinking, i.e. negative internal chatter that gets in the way of success.

There is only one way you can feel with these thoughts, and that is:

Unmotivated, flat, anxious, worried, stressed and so on.

So as a salesperson thinking and feeling this way will result in a lack of goals and positive action-taking. For example, you will not make sales calls, nor follow up leads, or ask for the business.  There is only one way the business revenue can go – it will take a deep dive.

Plus, if you thought it can not get any worse – it can!  Your self-esteem will crash, as well as your confidence to do any well.  Don’t let this happen to you.

If this example is familiar, you need to break the cycle of self-destruction before your life also follows the same downward path.

The Path To Good Thought Processing

While you’re feeling vulnerable, there’s no need for despair, as the action you need to take to get the mindset for success is simple.

Grab a pen/paper and work backwards by answering these questions:

  • What results do I really want in my business?
  • What will accomplishing these results really give me?
  • What actions can I take to generate these results?
  • In order to be taking those actions….How do I need to be feeling?
  • In order to be feeling that way…..How would I need to be thinking about myself, my business and my customers?

Then consciously choose to think of a glass half full, i.e. positively. Make it your number one priority because when you change your thinking, you will change your results!

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