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Do Your Due Diligence on SEO & Digital Marketing Experts

I normally mark these emails as SPAM without looking at the content but for education purposes I have included the content of one email below to show the type of businesses to avoid for any SEO services.

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A SEO “expert” business is currently spamming me with emails containing exciting titles such as “Rank XXXXX 1st on the 3 major search engines. See results in 30 days” and “Rank XXXXX 1st on the 3 major search engines quickly + n/c analysis“.

We normally mark these emails as SPAM without looking at the content but for education purposes let’s consider the content of one email and what you can do if you’re genuinely interested in SEO and marketing experts for your business.

Is The Business Real?

Avoid any email that does not disclose the actual sender and the business. Your first action is to look at both and visit the website if it is in the email. You can do this by copying the domain name into google search and see what results are presented including reviews of the business.

Statements like this one below are templated out in emails and they do catch many people out as they’re reasonably well written and appear professional. They’re also echoing what you want for your website.

We have ranked hundreds of websites nationally to a first place ranking for their keywords on the 3 major search engines

Get first place ranking for your keywords on Google, Yahoo and MSN. See results in the first 30 days! If you want to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website it is a priority that you have a top search engine position for success.

Web users rarely search past the first page of search engine listings to find what they are looking for and over 85% of website traffic is the result of the 3 major search engines, so if you are not on the first page, in all likelihood your website will not be seen.

Most website owners, spend months or years trying to get their site ranked top finding it impossible to even come close.

Your website will quickly:

  • Rank in the first place for highly competitive search terms in your industry.
  • Boost websites sales
  • Increase targeted search engine traffic
  • Rank over your competition

There’s nothing wrong with the statement however there’s no evidence that this business is any good. As we’re said a lot of what’s in this sales piece is what we all desire for our website and our business so it’s easy to grab attention when you’re regurgitating every business’s desire.

Client Case Studies

So here’s our tip. Ignore what they say you want and focus on examples of what the business has delivered for their clients. We’re talking real client case studies that show you what the goals and what was achieved.

Any business in SEO, or digital marketing can talk it up but very few actually walk the talk. So even if there are some client case studies to study you can also see just how they operate by analysing their own success in SEO and marketing.

Due Diligence of A Marketing or SEO Provider

If you’re in the market for a SEO expert or digital marketing provider do your own due diligence – get answers to these questions:

  • Where is their own website ranked in searches?
  • Are their social media profiles active, and do they have lots of followers?
  • Is this SEO or marketing business sharing their knowledge and views on their area of expertise in articles on other websites, as well as their own blog?
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