Celebrating Success

girlSo, what happens when you do achieve your goals? What comes next?

There’s heaps of good information out there on how important it is for the ongoing success of your business to have a strong vision and specific goals that really source you and the team to focus your efforts on a daily basis.

When chasing after the next big target we can often forget about how far we have come, we forget to remember what we have achieved.

When you and the team hit a target do you just keep steam rolling ahead?

From personal experience my belief is that it’s a real worthwhile and invaluable exercise to smell the roses for a bit and enjoy the view. Stopping for a bit to celebrate success, giving yourself and all involved a reward is an important part of the goal achievement process because each time a target is reached you will train your mind to associate hard work with reward and it will help to further develop loyalty and morale amongst the team.

There will also be a huge amount of learning and insight to be gained by reflecting on the journey to achieving the goal – don’t take this reflection lightly as it will lead to valuable insights that can be learned from and leveraged off.

In terms of ‘reward’, it does not have to be a huge reward or even a financial reward, it could be a day off, a pat on the back, telling a team member how their contribution was so valuable and what it meant to you and the organization, it could be a visit to the cinema, a day out paintballing….the list is endless.

After you’ve celebrated and reflected on the achievement ask yourself where the next rung of the ladder is?

How can you improve upon the target you just reached?

How can you stretch yourself and your team, or challenge yourself more?

Get into the habit of setting a new, higher goal each time you achieve an existing goal and get the team involved in the process.

This will lay a solid foundation for consistent personal and professional growth and continuous improvement.

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