You don’t need an expensive PR firm to change public perception – two 14 week-old babies can prove it

kids tractorIts not hard setting a perception – just ask any media manipulator – but its very hard changing it.

Look at Mc Donalds. No matter how hard they try and look healthy they still cop the flak for being one of the main contributors to obesity in the US. Even though its your choice to eat their food.

Take babies on planes.

Everyone in economy hopes and prays that young family coming onboard is not near them.

This fear of babies on planes is ingrained. I always worry when I travel economy that I will end up near a screaming baby for 8 hours.

But look below at the image which has gone viral.

The parents did not change perception, they reinforced the current perception but offered a different way for you to react.

Every person on the plane received this gift so I would be surprised if anyone complained about the babies if they started to cry. Who the hell would risk the jeers of an entire plane load of people to complain?

The parents have shown an incredibly effective way on how you can make something positive come out of a perception that is negative.

Don’t attempt to change perception – acknowledge it and then find ways to change the associated response to the perception.