The 50+ Age Group Workers are vital to any Business

people meetingIf you gave me a choice between a 50+ year-old job candidate and a 20-30 year-old I would select the elder of the two for most jobs within my business.

We have a high percentage of staff who are either close to 50, or over, and I find them the most reliable, hard working, friendly age group out of all the working group age ranges. Its something about their generation that raised hard working honest people that you don’t get with the spring chickens – who seem to think they are entitled to large pay packets with lots of bonuses.

A major benefit with this age group is that they are packed full of experience both job related and people/life related. They have seen it all – and with customer support you need that kind of skill especially with an irate customer who just wants to feel like you give a damn. Most young people don’t have the emotional skill to deal with conflict within a business environment.

Searching the Internet for studies on the benefit of employing older workers brings up many positive studies including this article

A study by University of Mannheim researchers in Germany found that older employees are much more productive than their younger counterparts, at least on the Mercedes assembly line that was the focus of the study. In this light, researchers argue older workers may be an invaluable asset that many companies underuse.


There seems to be a mis-understanding with some business owners that the 50+ age group offer no benefit to their business. This maybe true in certain sectors requiring peak physical fitness but I see no hindrances where brain power is more important than muscle.

There is also no reason why you should not employee a marketing person at this age to handle your social media projects as you can teach a monkey to use Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn but you sure as hell cannot teach emotional intelligence which is the number 1 vital ingredient to be successful within social networks.

Of course there is the business owner that likes to have a bit of young eye candy around for the benefit of clients as well as himself/herself but as with most spring chickens they are far too eager to jump ship to the next job. This costs businesses a great deal in having to rehire and retrain.

I urge you to employee the over 50’s and see how much benefit they can bring to your business. I have and throughly recommend them.

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