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iSecurity Camera 4.5 Released In iTune Store The Day iPhone 5 Went On Sale Friday 21, 2012

iSecurity Camera – iPad-iPhone photo security camera alarm for home and office is universal app compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5.

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Online PR News – 24-September-2012 – spokeman Carl Robinson says, “iSecurity Camera 4.5 motion detection captures and sends pictures from iPad or iPhone to Internet, iPhone and smartphone email 24/7. Fast, high-level mobile video security alarm for your home, office and personal property against burglary and theft. The iSight camera uses advanced optics to give you the best picture possible. With an ƒ/2.4 aperture and a five-element lens, it captures light efficiently to produce a sharper overall image.”

Robinson continues, “iPad universal perfect partner app features:

Protect Your Home, Office, Family – More than a quarter million people are victims of burglary violence every year. Minimize your family becoming a statistic.

Protect Your Personal Property – Even with insurance, losing your computer, electronics, weapons, and other valuable items can be devastating.

Protect Your Peace of Mind – Nothing is more valuable than feeling safe in your own home and personal property.

Efficiency – In the event of a burglary, you’ll get a faster police response time because you can provide images and a description of the intruder and you don’t need to wait for a third-party security company.

Comforting – Have peace of mind that your family is safe.

Invulnerable – Because it doesn’t rely on the phone line or electricity, it is primarily covert, impossible for a burglar to disarm before it begins transmitting alarm pictures when ARMED and in regular use.

Affordable – The annual costs are significantly less than installing a third-party expensive photo alarm system. For just $5.99 iSecurity Camera 4.5 becomes an indispensable partner in your iPad or iPhone. You own it, you control it, no third party, easy to use, always watching your back.

Cost Effective – Even if you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, it is less expensive to prevent robbery in the first place.”

“Our goal is to give every Apple iPad and iPhone customers extra private anti-theft protection in their homes and personal property,” said Robinson, at a fraction of the cost of cctv or a third party photo security alarm system. Now on sale in the iTune store” develops and distributes home and office photo security software systems for iPad, iPhone and Smart-phone mobile devices.