I have Proof that the Matrix Exists!

For those of you that have not seen the Matrix movies the basic concept is that we humans are all in an induced comma housed in our own little dream capsule. A huge machine controls our thoughts and all our stimulus. The machine captures the energy we produce interacting with this made up world. We are in fact batteries. However there are a small group of humans that escaped their dream capsule and are fighting the machine.

Brillant concept and I have proof that it is real – the Matrix does exist.

When I tossed my day job in for the unknown world of the self-employeed I was constantly reminded by those around me of the huge risk I was taking. Giving up a very well paid career as an IT professional for 13 hour days/7 days a week for no pay was regarded by most people around me as incredibility stupid.

However I took the leap and have come through on the other side a little worse for wear but I survived to prosper on my own terms.

When I look around and see people still in the rat race scampering off to work with the usual look of gloom on their faces they remind me of the very people still in their dream capsules.

They all run through the same process of getting up early, fighting the crowds to get to work on time, work 8 hours in a job they hate for a boss they hate, fight the constant life-sapping boredom of their job, fight to get home, eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat. Their minds filled with the constant worry of redundancy and the date of their next pay rise.

Isn’t this the Matrix?

An environment where everything is pre-determined, controlled and repetitive.

Isn’t the machine that feeds off us called ‘society’?

Every human in the western world is feed the same basic rules:

1) Go to school and get a good education.
2) Get a good job and work hard to get a better paying job.
3) Get married and have children.
4) Tell your children to get a good education, a good job, get married, have children…
5) Get a mortgage to buy a house. Take 30 years to pay it off.
6) Sell your house, retire and wait for death.

We are never taught that there is another path you can take so we sleep walk through life in our own dream capsule.

You see the machine needs us to follow this pattern because if we all knew about the other side then who would work in those boring jobs? Who would work for a boss they hate? Who would worry about redundancy? Who would blindly get married and have children without thinking?

Sometimes, to remind myself of what life was like before I escaped my dream capsule, I get up early and walk down to the local train station to watch the sleep walkers get on the train in the morning. Its a sad sight and when you are on the other side its so plainly clear that there is a Matrix.

So will you take the red pill?

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