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Are You Unhappy in Your Job? Maybe this advice can help find the job you really want.

You see, when you were young, the walls of adulthood have not been created yet so your passions were free to run rampant. Sadly that gets beaten out of us by the time we reach puberty. How many times do you think you heard ‘NO!’ when you were a child?

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Lets face it, most of us at one stage in our life hated the job we were doing.

Some make a change and some persist not knowing how to change.

Some go through life looking forward to the weekend on Monday.

Some never know of the joy of waking up in the morning looking forward to working.

If you are unsure of what job will make you happy ask yourself the following questions:

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

Now don’t laugh – if it was something hard to do like become president of your country or walk on the moon that is irrelevant. Look into the dream and identify what values the dream comprises of. For example if you wanted to be president of your country was that because you wanted to help people? Or maybe it was the limelight? Or the power?

What about a ballerina? Maybe its the giving of joy to others that you desire or the admiration of others?

When you were young, the walls of adulthood had not been created yet so your passions were free to run rampant manifesting into dreams and future plans. Sadly that gift gets beaten out of us by the time we reach puberty. How many times do you think you heard ‘NO!’ when you were a child?

Throughout your working life what did you gravitate to?

If your profession is legal dealing with high-powered clients do you find you always sign up for charity work instead of hunting down the big accounts? If so that sounds more like wanting to help people in need than making money for yourself.

Another example I know is a friend who loves to organize dinner parties. After a hard day at work in accounts he loves nothing more than cooking for the family. He finally worked out that what gave him joy in his personal life could also be his career. He now has a successful catering business.

Who are you jealous of?

Jealously is a strong emotion often grouped in the ‘negative personality trait’ camp but also brings to the surface your core self. Jealously can also be seen as envy – envy of others who have what you truly desire. Reflect on who you are jealous of and identify what it is about them that makes you jealous.

For example you might be jealous of a wealthy person who travels all over the world. Maybe its not the wealth that makes you jealous but the traveling (wealth is not a requirement to travel by the way). By really thinking about why you are jealous you can discover something about yourself that you may not be aware of or lost on the path to bills, mortgage, kids and tax.

Blame it on your parents

When you reflect on the advice your parents, teachers and other influential people gave you as a child its not hard to find that the advice given was nothing to do about your dreams but more in-line with what they thought was a ‘safe investment’ – ‘study hard and become a lawyer so you make lots of money so you can provide for your family’ etc… Its only when you have a job based on their advice that you find its not what you wanted.

I hope this helps you 🙂

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