Five Ways to Effectively Build Teamwork

teamIt should be no surprise that teamwork is a vital part of running a successful business. Not only does it increase productivity, it’s important for maximizing employee retention and can accelerate growth. To optimize the functioning of your workplace, let’s talk about five ways to effectively build teamwork.

1) Define Expectations

One of the most important things that should be done to make employees function as a cohesive unit is to clearly define expectations. For example, you should always have realistic goals in place and each employee should know what he needs to accomplish in order to reach those goals. Typically, this revolves around catering to the strengths of each employee and giving him the appropriate duties. Once everyone knows what is expected of them individually and as a group, each person can strive to meet those expectations. A team should also be organized and the results should be periodically analyzed to avoid future mistakes and increase efficiency.

2) Commitment Among Employees

Another element of effective team building is making sure that everyone is committed to the success of the company. Getting 100% commitment from everyone is often easier said than done, but is usually attainable when following a few guidelines. One of which is hiring employees who are highly motivated and that don’t want to settle for mediocrity. It’s also important to make team members feel valuable by offering praise for a job well done and by offering guidance for poor performance. Besides this, it’s ideal to have some means of promotion or other opportunity for individual growth for exceptional employees.

3) Building Chemistry

In almost every successful team you will find a group of people with at least some level of chemistry between them. This is especially evident in dominant sports teams where athletes have relationships that go beyond the field or court. It’s much the same in business, and achieving at least a minimal amount of rapport can be extremely helpful. For this reason, it’s advantageous to hold activities where employees can get to know each other on more of a personal level. Often this can be accomplished by occasionally holding small parties or get-togethers where employees can talk about issues outside of work. When a sense of camaraderie is established, it should translate into more effective teamwork.

4) Clear Communication

Along with this, team members should always communicate with each other every step of the way. This can usually be achieved by holding meetings or designating a time for individuals to collaborate with one another and give feedback. If something is going right, actions can be taken to repeat that success. If there is a problem, it can be addressed and steps can be taken to correct the situation. Otherwise, lack of communication can inhibit group functioning.

5) Promote Creativity

One great aspect of assembling a team is that everyone brings something special to the table. By uniting forces, you can minimize the weaknesses of each person and maximize their strengths. For this reason, it’s beneficial to encourage each person to think outside the box and allow them to use their creativity to overcome challenges. By doing this, it can bring the best out of employees and sometimes leads to innovations that can help the company.

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