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How to Find Your Clients Marketing Timing Trigger

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What is your marketing timing trigger?

Your marketing timing trigger is the reason why you take action on looking for and buying a specific product or service.

For example if you run out of toothpaste and then go to the store to buy more, you had a marketing timing trigger. The marketing timing trigger was running out of toothpaste.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be for a company to know when you buy toothpaste, how often you brush, and how many people use your toothpaste? They could set-up a program to automatically deliver you toothpaste based on your specific timing trigger.

What else can a marketing timing trigger do?

A marketing timing trigger can also help you understand what to say to get your prospect’s attention. What if the store where you bought your toothpaste sent you a postcard, a letter, an email, or a text reminding you to buy more toothpaste?

  • Toothpaste almost gone?
  • Got a date? ..Better stock up on toothpaste.
  • Don’t be caught without your toothpaste back up in the cupboard.
  • Keep your breath smelling fresh, buy more toothpaste.
  • Etc.

The challenge of finding their marketing timing trigger

Your client will not typically share the details about their marketing timing trigger?..unless you ask correctly. You may have to dig a little deeper to truly understand their marketing timing trigger.

Let’s pretend for a minute that your client shares a marketing timing trigger that caused them to buy new accounting software. They share something along the lines of, “We just thought it was time to update our software.”

If you’re not careful, you may think that their marketing timing trigger was “Just time to our update software.” This may cause you to use the wrong marketing timing trigger in your marketing.

The headline you think you need may look like this:

Time to update your software?

Many times when you make the mistake of the wrong marketing timing trigger, you may think your marketing is a waste of money. It’s not that your marketing is a waste of money, it’s just the message is not tripping the marketing timing trigger.

While this may be a piece of their marketing timing trigger, there is probably something deeper that really tripped their marketing timing trigger.


I’m using this as a simple example, so don’t go off about all of the other factors that I’m not discussing. I’m just focusing on one small piece for you to give you another tool in your marketing plan.

Get curious

I like to share with my clients a strategy I refer to as “Curious Questions.” Here is how you would apply “Curious Questions” in this scenario.

When your client say’s it was just time to update our software, you get curious. It would sound like this.

“What happened in your business that made it time to update the software?”

That’s it, nice and simple.

You may have to stay curious for awhile, because as you peel back the layers on your clients marketing timing trigger you will discover the root cause of their trigger.

You may discover one of many scenarios that tripped their marketing timing trigger.

  • We hired a new CPA that told us to update our software.
  • The software company we had used before went out of business.
  • The software was no longer able to handle the volume of transactions we now run.
  • We wanted software that worked with our inventory management system.
  • Etc.

Do you see how this could really change, or add to your marketing message?

Each client you interview may add another piece of information, but you may discover a common theme. That common theme will be your main marketing timing trigger headline. The rest of the marketing timing triggers will be good bullets to use underneath your headline.

So your action step is go interview your clients and find out what the marketing timing trigger was that caused them to look for, and buy your products or services.

Marketing timing trigger rules!