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Everyone Is In Sales!

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You might be thinking, wait, I’m not in sales. I work in accounting or operations, which has nothing to do with selling.

However, when we interact with someone, there is a negotiation, albeit sometimes so subtle you miss it.

Every negotiation requires each party to present their case, and this action requires your ability to sell to get your point across and accepted.

From accounting to the warehouse, people need to converse and know how to do it well within any given organisation.

Organizations that stagnate or going backwards and may end up out of business have probably lost sight of the importance of selling and that every employee needs to know how to sell.

So, no matter what your ‘job title is, success in negotiation is not defined by how much you talk but by how well you listen. It’s not about sharing how great your company is but how many solutions you can bring to your business.

Being good at getting your way requires skill and practice. It is not about gimmicks or shortcuts, nor do you need to be fast-talking or mislead others. The foundation of being a great negotiator is all about honesty, trust, reliable communications and building relationships. It is about caring for others.

If you are in accounts payable, you must deal with clients and ensure they pay their invoices which requires persuasion. If you are in an operations role, chances are you have a team to manage. Assigning tasks and getting work done requires adept communication skills.

Okay, I can feel it. You are starting to follow me now. So, one more time, ‘from the breakroom to the boardroom’. Everyone is in sales to some extent.