5 Ways to Discover Your Talents: Master Your Mission

writingWhat are you meant to do? Simply stated, not simply answered. Recognizing, understanding, and mastering your mission is the cornerstone of your success. People talk about missions, passions, and callings like it’s innate. Your talents are innate, but your mission is learned. Using your talents to form connections that yield results is an equation worth exploring.

It’s easy for people to point fingers and tell you who you should be, but truth be known, No one knows you better than you know yourself. What’s automatic for some requires a process for others. Sometimes, early in life, our parents or mentors will help us identify gifts and help us to hone our skills. The problem with that is you skipped the discovery phase of life. The Toolbelt of Success you create is a lifelong journey, but let’s narrow down the time frame of discovery.

5 Ways to Discover Your Talents

  1. Reverse engineer your results – think about the results you want and note what action you have to take to get you there
  2. Go to Your Growth Zone – If your analytical do something creative, if you’re creative do something analytical. People who grow continue to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zones experience true growth.
  3. Ask those around you, what they view as your talents and why – Trusted advisors can help you sort through talents. Many times others see something in us we haven’t recognized yet.
  4. Follow Your Inner Voice – We’re emotionally driven people. Our instincts are an inherent trait that drives us to react to our environment.
  5. Denounce Mental Inertia – Keep moving. Inactivity stunts you physically and emotionally. New activities breed new talents.