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Passion – a Key Leadership Characteristic

The word passion, as defined by the dictionary, is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. It is my bias that when any great leader or leadership strategy is examined – positive passion will be found.

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Passion is not a word used often to describe great leadership in business. You may instead have used similar words like joy, intensity, excitement. Passion is all about emotion i.e. how we feel and today leadership is more about showing some emotion.

As a leader when you show your passion for the company and what it means to you, this action inspires those around you in much the same way. When any great leader or leadership strategy is examined – positive passion will be found among the mix of traits.

Passion that is channeled in such a positive direction is an incredibly powerful thing.

Many of the greatest visionaries (Walt Disney, FDR, JFK, Martin Luther King etc) also possessed great passion as part of their leadership strategy. This is why people were so eager and willing to follow them.

Leaders with such passion gladly work countless hours, work against all odds and obstacles and successfully use their passion to achieve their overall objectives. Do you know such leaders? Have you seen such leadership in action?

Passion is exciting and contagious plus it can also be fun.

People want to feel it, live it and, like Nike says, Just Do It!

Do you have this type of passion? Do you have this type of vision and dreams? Are you willing to lay it all on the line and “put your money where your mouth is”? I cannot imagine following any leader who does not have such passion as a key characteristic of his/her leadership style.

If you don’t have such passion or are part of an organization that lacks such passion, ask yourself ‘why’ you/they don’t have it and how it might be obtained? There is no better time than now to become passionate in all that you say and do. It will make you a better leader in all that you do.

Where you find passion in a great leader you’ll also see wisdom, motivation, decisiveness and confidence and PMA (positive mental attitude).

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