There’s Never Been a Better Time for Mobile SMS Text Message Marketing Campaigns

There’s never been a better time to invest in gold, or to save money on your car insurance, or invest in real estate, or whatever. We hear those statements and statements like them all the time when companies or individuals want to sell their products or services. And they work, despite the fact that there probably was, or will be, a better time to do whatever it is marketing departments want you to do.

Does that apply to mobile marketing as well? Has there been a better time to start implementing your SMS text message marketing campaigns? Yes – you could have gotten into mobile marketing last year when it was just becoming popular and became a pioneer in the industry, like the thousands of small to medium sized businesses that have built opt-in databases in the thousands at this point. Or perhaps the best time to implement a mobile marketing campaign should be in 6 months, when the public of all ages have adopted the technology more seamlessly in their lives. The problem with that is that your competitors most likely are exploring mobile marketing options right now that will leave you in the dust in the very near future.

No, in all reality, the best time to start your text message or mobile marketing campaigns and business strategy REALLY IS RIGHT NOW! Mobile marketing has already come a long way in the past year alone, going from “texting a keyword to a certain shortcode” to mobile location-based solutions utilizing devices such as smartphones where interactivity is at a premium. More and more marketing strategies are targeting mobile – and believe it or not, we’re still in the infancy of mobile, which means that companies that get on board with it NOW will be the new strategy pioneers they never thought possible.

We are seeing the adoption of many mobile marketing strategies everyday, many times without even realizing it. Many iPhone and iPad apps for example, take advantage of location based data, which means providing relevant mobile data that enriches lives where the traditional laptop or desktop can’t even touch. Scan a QR code and find out exactly when the next train arrives at your station. Use a mobile app to make a reservation at that restaurant located just 2 miles away from your present location. Send a discount coupon directly to a user’s mobile device as soon as they enter your store. Create a game app thousands can download to showcase your brand and earn advertising revenue from it.

Yes, we’re in a recession. Yes, it’s going to get worse. But the good news is mobile marketing is a recession-proof industry and will continue to be one. And as you read all those stories about people losing their jobs, credit tightening, foreclosures mounting, industries shrinking, and overall malaise, remember you’re in an industry with tremendous upside, a ton of potential for growth, and really one of the few economic sectors where opportunity is knocking.

Guess what? There’s never been a better time for you to get into mobile marketing!