Understanding Politics, Conflict, and Influence in Projects

handshakeSamad Aidane from Guerrilla Project Management recently interviewed me about Understanding Politics, Conflict, and Influence in Projects.

In this podcast, I answered several questions to help add perspective around issues Project Managers face today with doing more with less and how to navigate through the political minefield within their organization.

Some questions I address are as follows:

  • Most project managers in their early years ignore politics surrounding their projects with high cost. Why is understanding politics, influence, and conflict management a critical skill for today’s project manager?
  • What makes the project environment a fertile ground for politics and conflict?
  • Can politics have a positive influence on projects?
  • Are there formal and informal political structures in organizations?
  • How can project managers quickly assess the political context of their project?
  • What should project managers look for to recognize politically motivated behavior?
  • How can Project Managers deal effectively with the political dynamics surrounding their projects?
  • Conflict is inevitable in projects. Why do we still fear conflict?
  • What skills are required to effectively manage conflict?
  • What are the critical factors for influencing others?
  • What are the individual attributes of an influential project manager?
  • Most project managers have enormous responsibility but not enough formal authority. How can project managers have influence beyond their authority?

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