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Worried Entrepreneurs? Five Simple Tips To Stay Positive

Tip#1 – Stop blaming economy and Take complete responsibility for every thought you think and action you take-In my opinion …

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Stop blaming economy and Take complete responsibility for every thought you think and action you take-In my opinion, how much ever we may try, it is impossible for us to change any one or the, circumstances. Make a commitment to stop blaming economy, people and environment. The only thing that we have complete control is our THOUGHTS. This is easier said than done. After several years of reading and coaching I have found personally three methods that works for me to control my thoughts. They are Practicing Daily Target Praxis as in Simpleology-101, doing Yoga and using Emotional Freedom Technique. You can find what suits you.


Stop undervaluing Yourself and work on raising your self esteem daily-As an Entrepreneur, we are bound to fail several times. As a child we are brought up by parents using punish and reward system. Hence subconsciously we tend to punish ourselves for our failures. This can show up in the form of low self esteem or self neglect. Reading self help books and attending seminars on self esteem works very well. For me personally writing affirmation, saying affirmations in front of the mirror, planning my day on paper has helped me raise my self esteem.


Stop thinking that you know it all, but become a curious student of life and business-After we complete college we are desperate to get an employment thinking that the learning is over. However this is not true for an entrepreneur. Every day you are either learning to do something, train some one or lead some one. Books and CDs by Brian Tracy Jim Rohn and Simpleology courses help me every day in being a continuous student of life and business.


Stop avoiding money conversation and Make a commitment to learn about money: Fortunately I grew up with good connotations about money and always have good relationship with money. However I realized that, to operate as a successful entrepreneur, I had to let go of some of my old conditioning towards money and allow myself to learn and absorb new set of beliefs. The book “Money is my friend” by Phil Laut helped me a lot in this direction.


Stop multitasking, be focused on one task at a time, ensure completion first and then perfection: As entrepreneurs, we get carried away by new ventures and lose focus OR we want it all perfect before we start something. As woman entrepreneurs, we love to multi task. While multi tasking does benefit moms and corporate workers, it may hurt an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur gets paid for results and not for activity. Hence we must be laser focused in one task at a time, deliver results and get paid faster.