Politics and SEO Link Building

seoHow is it possible to connect politics and SEO link building you may ask? Well let’s take a look – political candidates are grilled on the choices that they have made in their lives. Have they smoked a joint, dabbled in witchcraft, exaggerated their military experience or found uses for a cigar that most of us did not think possible? In the same way the SEO link building methods that you use today might came back to haunt you tomorrow.

In politics you need to build relationships with people, groups or power brokers in order to advance your career. SEO link building is all about building links with authority sites and thereby improving the visibility of your website on the search engine result pages. Search engines allocate importance to websites based on the buzz that they are able to create on the Web.

How to Run an Effective Campaign:

  • Be Unique – People vote for candidates that provide a new or unique solution. If you want to build high quality SEO links you need to start with creating unique and original content.
  • Have a Plan – Political candidates need to have a clear and concise plan of action. Effective SEO requires a clear strategy and plan of action. Are you going to focus on article marketing, social media, link directories, social bookmarking, blog commenting or a combination of methods?
  • Monitor and Adapt – In a political race surveys play a huge role. Candidates will change their plan of action, and at times their views, based on the data provided by surveys. Successful SEO link builders will always keep a close eye on the analytical information pertaining to their websites. If social media starts to play a bigger role or if two major search engines combine your SEO strategy needs to change.

How Not to Run a Campaign:

  • Over Promise and Under Deliver – Political careers have come to an end due to unrealistic promises that were made to voters. If you make use of unethical methods to entice users to visit your site, the viral nature of the Web will bite your ass.
  • Buy Votes – A bit of a tricky one. It is not possible to be true to your believes if you end-up being a spokesperson for something that you might not normally support and you will lose a lot of credibility in the process. Search engines have the ability to pick-up links that were built through the use of link exchanges or text links that were paid for. If a lot of non-relevant websites link to your site or if 1000’s of new links suddenly appear, your website may be penalized.

When you build links to your site it is important to be aware of the possible repercussions. Run a clean and honest race to ensure that when your website reaches the top spot you will not have to concern yourself with the possibility of dirty laundry being washed in public.

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