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Marketing Tips: What Is It You Do Again?

I can’t count the number of times I have either met someone or seen an promotion that someone has done for their business and afterwards I sit there and think “What do they do?”

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As the owner of your business or even a sales person for a company, your small business marketing needs to have one message…

How do you help people solve their problem?

Everyone get hit with 100s if not 1000s of marketing messages each and every day. How does your stand out?

Here are a few tips to get your message remembered and get more customers to your door.

What Do You Do?

I can’t count the number of times I have either met someone or seen an promotion that someone has done for their business and afterwards I sit there and think “What do they do?”

Don’t try to be slick about telling people what you do. Don’t try to be creative or funny. Hiding your message by using technical jargon or wizz-bang unrelated ads won’t get you more sales. It just confuses your prospect and makes it harder for them to remember you.

What problem do they have and explain how you solve it. That’s it. Be as detailed as you need to be but focus on how you solve their problem and not how clever you are.

Explain The Benefits

No one cares if your widget was crafted using only the best redwood in the forest. They want to know that it will not only look great but last for years. Why is that specific wood the best and how do they benefit from it?

Another example is a bookkeeper. Yes, we all know that keeping our books up to date is important but as a business owner, that isn’t my top priority. BUT… if you tell me how your bookkeeping service is going to save me the headache of doing it myself (save time), and save me a lot of money when my accountant does my taxes (save money), then I am hooked. Now, I see how hiring you will pay for itself and maybe even more.

The best way to determinate your benefits is list all your features and then write a reason why each feature is important. Will it save time? Save money? Increase my customers? Make me look good? That is what will get them to pay attention. The benefits of your product or service will get much more attention and interest from prospects and will cause them to make an emotional decision about buying what you have to offer.

Who Do You Serve?

Who is your “perfect” customer? Who is it that you work with? Do you work with business professional individually or big corporation?

Tell them exactly who you specialize in working with. Talk directly to that customers. This way you will make a connection with your target prospect and they will feel that you have a connection with you.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t work with others, though it could if you wanted. It just means that you specialize with one group of people and you will attract more of those types.

By following these simple steps, with all of your marketing and advertising, you will get ore sales and attract more of the right customers to your business. Be direct with this. By spending less time on being “outside the box” and more time on focusing directly on exactly who you are, what you do and who you serve, you will create a flood of highly targeted prospects and customers to your business.

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