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Small Business Tips: Hardware & Business Operations

Articles often discuss how software is able to benefit your small business operations, but hardware plays just of an integral part.

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Articles often discuss how software is able to benefit your small business operations, but hardware plays just of an integral part.

Small business performance, especially if it’s an online dependent startup, is highly dependent on server hosting. If your business is online it is dependent on factors such as uptime, and speed. For example, if you have an online application on which clients depend 24/7 having slow performance or downtime puts you at a disadvantage.

Let’s take a look at these realistic, unfortunate and completely unnecessary scenarios and how outsourcing your IT and server hosting would benefit your business avoiding these drawbacks.

All of a sudden your business is blooming and receiving a lot of great clients. This is what you’ve been waiting for a long time – but wait, you forgot about your online presence. Your website crashes because your traffic skyrocketed from its previous stage and your shared hosting cannot accommodate your new needs.

Your business is an online application and your clients depend on it to be constantly available. You offer free trials for your business and a potential client who’s currently evaluating your system decided to test it out in the evening hours. They logged in on their own free time in the evening but wait – what is “this page is currently offline” message? Your potential client has now moved on to evaluating the next system.

You own a media production company and your business is growing at a steady pace. You find that you’re often forced to take on various roles of the business and your time is becoming more valuable (and definitely scarce). One morning, where you had to transfer 5 videos to one client your server goes down because you outgrew your current resources without realizing it. You spend the rest of the day trying to fix it – the client is now angry and you’re behind on all your work because of something that could have been avoided.

These are some of the ways that businesses rely on hardware and an effective server hosting provider.

With managed hosting, your server hosting provider monitors your resources and is able to fix the problem before it happens. If you were reaching your available resources, you would be notified immediately and allocated more. You also don’t have to worry about failing to notice that your server is down at 2:00am. You will be informed of disk space, CPU usage, and security threats so you can rest knowing you’ll never experience a surprise of your network “going down” because you grew too fast or weren’t able to catch a security risk on your server.

Having a reliable server hosting provider is essential in the operations success of your business. To assure that all is running smoothly make sure that Atum VPS is in charge of your servers.