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Janet Smith – The Ultimate “Mompreneur”

There was an article this weekend in the website about “Mompreneurs” and how this cottage industry is rapidly taking off around the world.

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There was an article this weekend in the website about “Mompreneurs” and how this cottage industry is rapidly taking off around the world.

The reason why this industry is taking off makes perfect sense due to the ongoing recession and the possibility that the main breadwinner of the house can, at any time, be made redundant.

“Mompreneurs” started off working for an extra source of income not reliant on dad and normally helped pay for the families luxury items. This is not new as some of our own mums were “Mompreneurs” long before the term was coined. What they sold was Avon, Tupperware, cloths and for the adventurous – adult items.

In this time of the Internet more and more opportunities are opening up for “Mompreneurs” to help “bring home the bacon”. However these opportunities can be without earning limits and can be “set and forget” businesses so less time is sacrificed from parent duties.

For single parent homes these opportunities can be a lifesaver as you do not even need to leave home – all you need is an internet connection and a plan.

Janet Smith could be called a “Mompreneur” in that she uses the Internet to earn an income that allows her the freedom to do what she wants – when she wants which is traveling and spending time with her family.

Janet earns an income by taking advantage of the endless searching people do on the Internet. By understanding what people are searching for Janet helps provide answers to their questions.

The answers are located on her websites that she manages. In the most basic of terms Janet earns income off the advertising on the websites and affiliate products that she sells.

In her book “Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online” Janet provides her entire strategy that she uses to earn multiple incomes online. What I found refreshing was that Janet held nothing back in her information. There are no references to “exclusive mentoring” or “wealth weekends” when all secrets are revealed. Her book reveals all and I found it very helpful for my own websites.

The term “Internet Marketing” has been abused so much by scammers and dodgy marketers that most people are skeptical of anyone who claims to make money online and “you can as well” statement.

I can honestly state that Janet’s strategy is ethical and generally used by businesses today. By providing value to her website visitors she earns income off advertising and affiliate products.

Isn’t that what most businesses do anyway?

What Janet has done is use the Internets ability to automate as much of her business processes as possible so less time is spent within her business and more time doing what she loves.

I was so impressed by Janets book that I wanted to see if she had any tips for people who are thinking of earning additional income by using the Internet and especially any tips for up and coming “Mompreneurs”.

My best advice to anyone looking to start an e-business or create an SEO-based niche blog system as I’ve done (“Mompreneurs” or not) is to understand that the results will not be seen overnight or even within a month or 2. Any so-called guru who promises instant success is a sack of lies, but we all probably know that by now. There is no magic diet pill just the same as there is no way to make income on the internet doing nothing.

To get results using the methods I wrote about in the book, you have to be a very patient, persistent, and passionate person. I am not going to make myself appear to be some SEO prodigy or world authority on the subject because I’m not. I admit that I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and business, but I have definitely been able to hang in there in the bleakest of hours when I was certain I’d never make a dime on the Internet. After about 2 years of hard work, I created an online income that replaced my prior income. Since then, it has continued to grow each and every month.

I am a person who is constantly reading up on SEO and entrepreneurship… and even a bit on investments lately. This quest for knowledge and perhaps more importantly implementation of what I have read, are what have carried me this far. The good news is that making my income on the internet doesn’t necessarily require me to be a top expert. I know the basics, I read about SEO excessively from others who know far more than I do, and I tap into my innate ability to be creative and thick headed.

And it doesn’t require anyone else who has bought my book over the past 11 months to be deemed an expert either. There are many people who have bought my book who didn’t even know what a backlink is at first – and now I am joining forces with them on projects that make money for both of us. They read the book, the concepts “clicked” with them, and now they are well on their way to quitting their offline jobs.

My book provides easily replicable steps that can transform into a full time online income over time, but only if you put in the work from your end. I provide you with a recipe (certainly not the only one), but you must mix together the ingredients and bake it yourself or it’s not going to work.

I personally believe that all families should be looking at ways to earn additional income and not solely rely on the main bread winner. Janet provides an option that when done correctly can provide a good source of secondary income and if successful become the main source of income for the family.

You can get more detail about Janet’s book here.

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