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10 Awesome Tools for Business Owners and Startups

Let’s face it there are so many tools out there today that you can use whether they’re on the web, locally or wherever they might be.

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Let’s face it there are so many tools out there today that you can use whether they’re on the web, locally or wherever they might be. When you start or run your business there are a few things you need to make sure you have some things lined up that are the basics. Here are 10 awesome things that can help your business or startup.

1. – These days everyone is on their mobile texting, checking emails, checking the score of the game etc. but they are also looking up businesses online to get more information about a business. Is your site mobile friendly? More than likely it’s not. With Notixtech they are “taking your business mobile” so others can find you and learn more about your business in the palm of their hand. They made Business Beware mobile, so get your phone out and check it out.

2. – What’s the one thing that people see and immediately should think of your business/brand? Yes, a logo! Some companies can charge a crazy amount to design a logo but these guys let you sign up for a day (each day increases by $2 that started in March) and for that whole day they promote your new logo and your company to everyone they know and then some. They really put a lot of thought into what you want, colors, any of your ideas and a little heart and passion in it too. They designed our logo for Business Beware and it rocks.

3. – Whether you create your website or you have others do it this company makes it so much easier to create forms in html and php. Let’s face it, most of us don’t know how to write code or even understand it for that matter but why do that if you have these guys? It’s such a great tool and user-friendly that you can create a form and put it right on your site. Big thumbs up from us.

4. – What is another essential to promote your business even though it’s an old school way to do it? Yes, business cards but not just any cards…Moo cards. There is a huge difference believe us. They have some amazing cards they can hook you up with even little mini cards that make everyone do a double take. The prices are so awesome that it’s insane not to use them. We love our mini cards and feel like important people when we use them.

5. – Okay another basic essential you need for your business to collect the dough is invoicing. We don’t use this obviously because we are the ones helping you collect from customers that don’t pay their bills but this company is downright perfect to get the job done for any small business. Their service is painless and anyone can use it from a mom and pop shop to the big dogs. The team is great and always there to answer any questions you have.

6. Flowtown – What if you could find your customers and interact with them online through social media? Hold on, you can so do that with Flowtown! Engaging with your members/customers is an important part of business. This is such a cool service where you can find out who is using your product/service and really reach out to them. We use this since we have so many business owners from around the US and Canada where we can really engage with them and get their feedback. It’s a beautiful thing and it truly is a great concept.

7. – Ever wanted to draw all over your walls like you did as a kid and not be confined to a certain white board? Well that is where IdeaPaint comes to save the day…they have created office and home kits where you can turn your office into one big whiteboard where you can jot your ideas down, coffee shops can write their coffee of the day and oh so much more. We love this product so much that we are thinking about opening a cafe just so we can write all of our specials on the wall.

8. – What is a fun way to make sure a business card sticks with a customer? Yes, a sticker how did you guess?? This company is just flat out awesome and truly care about making your business stick out from the crowd. They created our stickers for us and we definitely make a scene when someone sees it on our computers…Stickers are fun yes, but they definitely work when placed strategically…

9. – If you’re like most small businesses we know you don’t have a huge office or space for that matter to store or keep all your products in one place. It’s never been easier to have an e-commerce site where you send them your products to store and once a customer purchases on your website they pack it up and ship it out for you. Take advantage of this site and don’t stretch your budget to get the bigger office.

10. Call Recorder for Skype by Ecamm – If you are podcasting, doing an online web series or just wanting to do interviews on skype and record them then this software is definitely for you. We use this with our radio show to interview guests and call ins. Even if the person doesn’t have skype you can record the conversation, it’s awesome. If you’re looking to get into podcasting or interviewing you should definitely try this out because it makes life so much easier if you do.