What Guerrilla Marketing Creator Jay Levinson Taught Me About Marketing

businessOk, so I don’t know if he really taught me this one though Jay has taught me a ton of other great marketing ideas. But… This one was brought up when I actually met Jay at a seminar a while back.

I got to spend 3 days with the master and creator of Guerrilla Marketing but the most important part of the whole weekend was that he was there in the audience just like me.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and even marketers, some times we forget one of the most basic things we need to remember. We always need to be learning.

Jay was there to learn some of the latest and greatest new marketing tactics people are using in the world, just like myself and 300 other marketers.

Just the other day, I walked in to a workshop and knew a few people there. They seemed shocked that I would go to this event. I wasn’t sure why at first but then it hit me. They thought I was too good to be there.

The fact of the matter is that we should always be on the lookout for ways to grow our knowledge base and skills. Though most of the basic principles last forever, there are always new tactics, ideas, and technologies out there to help us grow our businesses and be more productive.

Things change. Especially in the world of the Internet. There are new tools coming out every day. Google changes it’s rules all the time, new ways of working old ideas get created almost on a daily basis. Do you want to risk falling behind?

Of course not.

The greatest advantage entrepreneurs have is that they can be agile and flexible over the big corporations. We can move quickly and take advantage of the latest tools that are available to us much more quickly.

In working with many small business owners and organizations, the one thing that still amazes me to this day is the excuse I hear of “but that’s how we’ve always done it”.

They keep doing things the same way they’ve done them for years and don’t understand that business and marketing have evolved. They will keep evolving and you can’t just do the same thing over and over and have it all work forever.

Just take the time to learn one new skill to help market your business this week. That’s all it takes. Just one at a time. Open your mind and be willing to learn something new. Be willing to evolve and your business will grow with the times.