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How to Spot an Internet Scam

Tips for protecting you and your money from scam artists. First and foremost use google and search for the all speakers names with “scam” on the end.

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Supplied by Larry Miles. Very good points.

1) First and foremost use google and search for the all speakers names with “scam” on the end. For example “larrymiles scam” do not search for just “larrymiles” as most marketers with any skill will have control of the first page of search results by having numerous web sites with their marketer BS on it.

2) If you click on a search result that looks interesting and you end up at a web page with the content removed treat that as a red flag – either the internet marketer has threatened the poster with legal action to take it down or possibly the poster is wrong. If you get more than 2-3 websites with the content removed then assume something is going on. In any case within the search results look for a cached version and you will sometimes get the post anyway.

3) Search for the product/strategy they are selling as sometimes the people selling are not the original makers and have a “clean profile” – for now.

4) Always ask yourself “why are they selling this if its so fantastic’ – wouldn’t they keep it to themselves? There is no product/strategy out there that is smart enough not be caught out if many people are using it. Some internet software products are designed to go into social media and spam – thats when they get detected as spamming and the users of the product get banned.

5) Use facebook – look for the groups that are anti the person/product. Facebook is a great meeting place of people who are too scared to post on their own sites.

6) Always read the contract in detail before signing and if you are spending 1000’s I would pay a couple $100 to get a lawyer to review it.

7) If the cost of the product/service seems excessive then search Google for strategies or software features that they are selling. I will bet you that you will find the same stuff for free. NO piece of software sold by an internet marketer is worth $1000’s of dollars. NO WAY. If this does not raise warning bells with you – then I think you are stupid.

And lastly – if you are willing to fork out $1000’s for a product/strategy that sounds too good to be true, uses spammy looking landing pages and you have not done any research BEFORE you buy such as researching the character of the sellers AND not got the contract checked out by a lawyer then maybe you are too stupid and should lose your money.

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